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"It's me! :D Thanks for taking my picture! I didn't get many photos while at PAX so I really appreciate it. <3"
Alexander Roederer
"Definitely wasn't expecting a picture of me, lol (I'm the one in all blue with the big camera)"
Aaron Chen
"Hey, that's me on the left there! Thanks for the pic!
Orkz and Eldar, BFFs"
Nikolai Traschev
"Where were these setup? I never saw them."
Fotios Magoufis
"That's me in the purple dress, thanks ofr posting!"
Alison Klinger
"Poketron: Ampharos, from the Pokecrawl."
Ted Bruyere
"hahah np! I grinned every time I passed you in the convention hall."
Andee Rasheeda Br...
"This is me as the Prince of the Cosmos from Katamari Damacy! Thanks for posting it! :)"
Jessy Taylor
"I never got a chance to run up and tell you in person, but I LOVED your pyramid head!"
Andee Rasheeda Br...
"Hey! It's me as pyramid head and my bestie Sara! :D"
Xander Griffin
"I know that feeling. :P I downloaded the large version from here which is fine, I just didn't want to take anything without asking. Thank you so much!! :D"
Melissa Lobach
"Absolutely! I'm still in post-pax recovery so it might take a bit for me to get you a max res copy, but you should be able to download a pretty big version from my photo album."
Andee Rasheeda Br...
"I was wondering if I could get a copy (and/or save this one) for my facebook page. :) I'm on the right in the WoW costume with some friends. Thanks!! :D (P.S. great pics!)"
Melissa Lobach
"My favorite part is the lone Star Trek CCG card at the bottom."
Davin Kohler
"I don't think it was tagged as you? LOL I don't know who/what everyone is."
Andee Rasheeda Br...
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