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"The 5th is a patient and sensitive good guy. Puts up with a lot from his companions...there's one shouty one in particular, Tegan. She's definitely an acquired taste."
Terry Lightfoot
"Ive never seen any episodes that featured the 5th Doctor, I need to check that out on Netflix. Also looking to find the "Time Crash" episode where the 5th met the 10th"
Lamont Doss
"My favorite Doctor!"
Erin McCann
Terry Lightfoot
"Very good, similar to Banksy...that pepper spray guy is probably in for some pay back for what he did...the original video of him spraying those students is just shocking..."
John Dorling
"This one, specifically, is by +Billy Galbreath. It's got to be my favorite so far."
Terry Lightfoot
"Jul 7, 2011
2500×1690 pixels – 460KB
Filename: Trey Ratcliff - The Countdown Clock - Small Version.jpg
Model: NIKON D3S
ISO: 400
Exposure: 1/60 sec
Aperture: 3.5
Focal Length: 50mm
Flash Used: No
Latitude: n/a
Longitude: n/a"
Terry Lightfoot
"Oh! Right! Damn! I had the wrong sl name. Good thing I checked this. Ill send it tomorrow. Ready for bed. Ta!"
Terry Lightfoot
"Redgrrl Llewellyn of New Babbage sorry to make you work dear - extra crumpets for you! Btw, you might know me better as Capt. Red ;-)"
Gwyneth Jones
"Ta! ;-)"
Terry Lightfoot
"uhm....SL name?"
Terry Lightfoot
"ok so asterisks make bold in g+. Must remember not to do..."
Terry Lightfoot
"ok, hold on, will log just for you. lazy voice. ;-)"
Terry Lightfoot
"/me likes"
Peter Stindberg