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"You start thinking Aww their just Giant Pink Doe-eyed ponies they aren't so, (it's at this point that it turns to screams of "AGHHHHH" and "It Burns"), and the whole crunching chewed up thing happens its deceptive Like medusa or headlights to animals at night."
Eliah Wood
"Any giant firebreathing creature is definitely worth my time running for cover.
It's the anime eyes that get you... they're hypnotic... don't look into their eyes whatever you do!!!"
Mary C.
"RUN!! THE PONIES ARE COMING!!! it sounds really sad till you see giant firebreathing ponies with eyes like anime charecters and cute pastel colors."
Eliah Wood
"Verily! :]"
Mary C.
"except for the My Little Pony mod in Skyrim I don't think i've ever found a pony so intimidating."
Eliah Wood
Mary C.
"Gorgeous lighting."
Simos Xenakis
"^_^ I <3 Thimbles!"
Mary C.
"Some of my most favorite implements"
Carrie Canup
"#HiLuis !"
Mz Maau
"Really? Dang it! Well... it'll be good exercise for ya. >D
Cheers all! Catch you round the 'Verse!"
Mary C.
"You'll need to copy and paste that link, clicking won't work .-)"
Dirk Reul
Mary C.
"Hear hear! The internet is the only way I'd have met all of you lovely people!
Otherwise I'd still be hunched over my desk working away and wondering if I was the only geek out there that loves what I love!"
Mary C.
"Oh man that epi was epic!! Lancie is typecast forever as Q... and I love him for it!"
Mary C.