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"Your creature design stuff is great!"
Michael Althauser
"I love it, though it looks so skinny and naked in the middle-left picture."
Stephen Owen
Jamie Chambers
"That is cute"
Marcy Starz
"I know she's doing a bit of a chicken dance with her head in the third frame, but that's one of the things I'll fix in the next round. I also plan to add the other frames so she can turn all the way around!"
Joie Brown
"I love the goatee"
Jonathan Sharma
"nice design btw lol"
Brendan Manning
"but....but.....I love Arcade Fire!"
Brendan Manning
"Well it isn't just a DOG, it's part kangaroo too. They're pretty big, so really, this is a pretty small kangaroo. :D"
Joie Brown
"That's a pretty big dog! :D Very cool, though. And a tourist? That is rather amusing."
Michael Gonzalez
"Yay thanks! I'll do to that some... it's in Photoshop unfortunately. I'm sure it's got some way for me to do it in there! :)"
Joie Brown
"This is looking even better, it feels like the camera has focused. I particularly like the way you created the glow from the orb. The next step, I might suggest, is feathering out the diver's hair out more. If you're doing this in Painter, the rake brush or else a very dry brush setting could help with that."
Alex Bond
"Thanks, guys! Yeah adding more warm color from the globe was some of the biggest feedback I got, so I went with it for sure. I think it makes a nice compliment to the bluish of the water. :)"
Joie Brown
"Damn. Looking really good, Joie. :)"
Michael Gonzalez
"Looking really good! I like the coloring, some warm colors in the center to contrast with the generally cooler blues of underwater."
Alexander Bond