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"This is a cool shot.  I like the way the lighted walls are framed at the top by the trees and at the bottom by the sidewalk and grass."
Stephen Berlin
"I do like how he parked in the no parking are - the reflection is cool. Can I have a ride?
The sky is just a hair bright for me, my eye kinda wanders up there, but that could just be me."
Elizabeth Hahn
"I think this looks really good Brent! It has some very dramatic tones that go great with the sky!

I don't know what colour the car actually was - but being the colour junkie that I am, I'd like to see the yellow pop just a tiny bit more.

Other than that it looks fantastic though! Nice work!"
Sandra Parlow
"i would take a bit of the detail out of the side of the car - where the parking lines show the reflection. Maybe layer in the original a bit. Other than that, love the post processing. Especially the fact that the sky was not overdramatized, keeping the car as the front and center feature."
Rocco Scandizzo
Frank Daelmans
"Cool Car and cool process."
Mark Swindells
"+William Shockley it's only money...."
Brent Burzycki
"Wow, that's pretty cool... I sure wish I had a truck. :("
William Shockley
Brent Burzycki
Sumit Sen
"great light and framing"
Paul Wright
"+elizabeth hahn thanks :)"
Brent Burzycki
"Ooooh love this"
Elizabeth Hahn
"+Barry Blanchard I think it would be much cooler this color all the time :)"
Brent Burzycki
Barry Blanchard