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"wow, that was a heart stopper for both you and the other driver. Good thing you only lost a tire. That's the time to not panic but to pick the best choice in the instant and go that way. Many folks freeze up and look directly at where they don't want to be and that's where they go. You have to stay alert until the end, point the car where you'd rather be and go for it. Bravo, you did the right thing after not doing the right thing :)"
Don S
"That was an abandoned big store parking lot we used to pay the owner to not plow. Then we'd setup a course and some timing lights. Those were fun days."
Don S
"Long time no see Constantin! Yes that's me and a buddy with a tight grip on the holy shit handle."
Don S
"hehe, just having fun... Nothing special about the tires, Hankook winter tires. This is the last season on them so next year is decision time."
Don S
"Reykjavík, Iceland. Looking toward Mt Esja across Videy island. Late November 2008."
Don S
"Þakka þér fyrir."
Don S
"Fannst eitthvað íslenskt við þessa mynd.

Skemmtileg mynd."
Kristin Jona Gudj...
Talvinder Dogra
"where is this place?"
Jerome A. F
"I change my mind a few times per day. :) That Natalie is even better to look at than listen to.
P is good for discovery and G is what I actually have. Over time some things appear in G that were once in P. :)"
Don S
"Personally I'd switch over to Björk, even though Natalie Imbruglia is nice as well :)"
Gerwin Sturm
"Yes, Pandora is what's playing at the time. If I hit the Gmusic widget then Pandora stops and we're on the G. I used to have Spotify too but it only allowed a limited time "out of the country" and is only good with a pay subscription.
The clue is that one shows the Pause button and the other shows Play. It could be the other way. At least the apps behave as they should."
Don S
"Hmmm, two music players with different music? Oh, the top one is Pandora, right?"
Gerwin Sturm
"hahaha! I hear that! I can't imagine having to go up there everyday to go to work. It is pretty cool though."
Katy jean
"The food was great as I remember it. It's a higher end joint now so I can find good food closer to street level.."
Don S
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