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"Matsyendranath Muni"
Kathie Brobeck
"thank you, vimal"
Kathie Brobeck
"I think it's Balakrishna temple, it's the only one with superstucture this intact."
Paras Rathod
"Gujarat has many small unphotographed temples, not many big ones remaining, but small temples scattered in remote villages."
Paras Rathod
"not sure, far from the centre. We were on 'walkabout'"
Kathie Brobeck
"great work in terracotta"
Paras Rathod
"really good collection. well done"
purely vimal
"in Bhanvad Taluka, Jamnagar [ makes sense!] haven't found any info on temple. Limestone mining around there."
Kathie Brobeck
"Thanks so much, Paras. She is lovely, isn't she. I have listed a Pachhtar with a Surya Mandir, 8th cent.,but no loc. more than GUJ. I'll google it forlocation & let you know."
Kathie Brobeck
"It says 'Devi' - beautiful physical features & curvature. circa 10th C., Pachhatar (apparently name of the place from where this statue was procured)"
Paras Rathod
"love those Cerise & bronze paints"
Kathie Brobeck
"Usually w Jaina identifying symbols, the object is quite small and below the TIrthankara's seat. This is on a Vaishnava temple pillar so probably Brahmanical. Thought it might be Manu who's sometimes shown riding a fish, but he's usually bearded."
Kathie Brobeck
"it may be a jain teerthankar having one of the 24 sign that is 'meena'."
Vishal Verma
"yes ur right"
Kumaran Durairaj
"You think it's scary?
It's in the eye, how you see it- that's what all matters."
Ishan Bose
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