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Erik de Bruijn
Joe Golling
Jens Chr Brynildsen
"The brass colored one is news to me, so your helpful link was effective."
Mike Creuzer
"LOL. So the shameless self promotion was valid (you actually wanted that product) but not needed (already bought it). Anyway... wish you happy printing! :)"
Erik de Bruijn
"I have some of the silver on the way, I didn't realize the brass looked like that. It's on my next order!"
Mike Creuzer
Erik de Bruijn
"brass colored plastic? How cool!"
Mike Creuzer
"this looks awesome! is it on thingverse?"
nicholas granado
"+Ian Spring that's silicone insulation for the extruder. B.t.w. I've got a blog @ and also"
Erik de Bruijn
"what is the green thing in this photo ? man please set up a forum on your website so i can openly ask these questions? please. Ian"
Ian Spring
"can i please ask, how do you change out the color of the plastic fast enough, so that the printer can keep going.... and not cool enough, so the next color plastic wont have a good stick connection.
Ian Spring
"Ah yes! I bet it is the U+! So cool, can't wait!"
Luis E. Rodriguez
"Immigration officers job is to take your smile away. If not, custom officers will. Best of luck."
Miguel Sánchez
"Maybe that's just the extra, extra tall model. :)"
John Abella
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