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"Wow! Nice place. An amaizing tree."
Ruvini Thakshila
"amizing night"
nowshad karim
"so fine......"
nowshad karim
"Very beautiful photos. It looks very serene."
Bee Banks
"I love the blue and the reflection. Singapore looks beautiful!"
Mohamed Mansour
"there's a bit of an illusion with the edge. just over that edge is a relatively short fall down to a lower section that is blocked in. so you can't easily fall all the way down. but as you sit there 3 feet from the edge, you can't see that. all you see is singapore in front and below you. it's pretty breathtaking."
chee chew
"So people are in a pool, with no visible edge, and hanging about 500ft high in between buildings. I would to see how the architect sold this concept. I love it!"
Stephen McManus
Markus Ahlberg
"wonderful creature of GOD.. Its amazing..."
Genius Rana
Reuben Conceicao
"Those buildings, and especially the Marina Bay Sands Hotel's amazing roof and pool, had me entranced and delighted during last year's coverage of the Youth Olympics on the BBC. It almost looks as if a fantastical space-liner has landed on the three towers. Great shot, and I love the clouds and the reflections on the water."
Jadey A-S Wilson
"I'de love to do this :)"
Sadirah Wolf
Tuan Nguyen
"this was in whistler, bc, canada. was a ton of fun. my form is horrible, but was able to do a full layout flip eventually."
chee chew
"Awesome...looks like fun :)"
Sadirah Wolf
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