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"And Lake Champlain"
Maico Mig
"nice one
really meaningful one"
Harshvardhan Khat...
"is that little tiger biting his Dad's tail? So cute!"
Jennifer Lai
"wow, that's awesome and intense to have actually lived there so long. my impression of africa both before and after my visit is that africa at large is like Mother Nature on steroids, and that nature strongly does what it wants to do there, and that humans, if they are bold enough, get to serve as a guest :-) i was def afraid of getting malaria and whatnot, and just the 3rd-world lifestyle was DO-ABLE for me, but i don't think i'd be man enough to handle it and everything else for an extended time."
Chris Tanner
"Lived in Mauritania for 1.8 years in a town called Nouadhibou. After PC my wife and I traveled around most of South-eastern Africa with the exception of the dangerous places. We've actually been to that exact shack you took a picture of, overlooking the great rift valley as you leave Nairobi. Unfortunately our photos are not quite as good as yours. Our camera was a bit under-powered due to exigent circumstances I won't delve into here. Good times."
Sam Riesland
":-) thanks for the great compliment. yea, i think in one of our first convos back in in the parallel class, you mentioned having been in Peace Corps and lived in Africa for a few months? where did you stay? yea, my visit was outstanding and totally worth the money."
Chris Tanner
"Amazing photos Chris! You are making me want to go back more than I already do. Thanks for sharing."
Sam Riesland
"Got it, makes sense now. Thx"
Fernando C
"thanks, fernando! i've slowly gotten better since the beginning days when i was at google :-) as for the exif data on this shot, yea, it's only missing because hdr'd it using a program called Dynamic HDR. its output always removes the original exif. btw, i try to sparingly hdr images, but i felt that i had to on this one since the sun rays truly looked this great in real life. oh, and i use lightroom for post-processing."
Chris Tanner
"Nice Chris! Do you know why not all the metadata info appears on this shot? What did you post process it with?"
Fernando C
Chris Tanner
"Love it so much."
andrea tsao
"pure stock photo"
Allan Sturm
"great shot"
Allan Sturm
"love it"
Allan Sturm
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