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"A base fractal animated sequences before post processing."
Seth Dennon
"wow, I love around :20 when it makes a completely different transformation!!"
Momo Lee
"+Nina Brown meet +Seth Dennon I would be happy to speak for you. What aspect would you like to hear?"
Seth Dennon
"I would love to hear from the one who brought this through. Stunning. Nina Brown"
Nina Brown
john primatesta
Simon ofScotland
"Thank you <3"
Seth Dennon
Carolyn Blake
"Yes, it is by far my most infinitely dimensional unity piece ever, just wait and see, some of my brothers friends who reviewed it last night where definetly perceiving what I have been trying to express in my work, but it takes 11 hours to render each 45 sec. Of the final sequence in 1080 HD, this is a sneak preview of some of what was up on the monitor display if the computer the animation itself. It is truly going to be a defining moment in my animation creations, for real, I just cannot express just how fully realized this project is, I have been engineering the possible viewing possibilities in the galactic center, and through multiple dimensions I have been threading this expression to be fully manifested from here to there so to speak. I am going to put this animation up on a stand alone page for viewing aimless on the video itself, then there will be a selection of live internet radio choices to choose from, then when someone views then when someone views the animation, the can choose their live radio feed and watch how the same animation sequence hued to live radio of their choice and style will always synchronize within the perfection of the law of one. It is impossible for the sequence not the music choice visually because I have only engineered an experience of unity and oneness within the fractal animation. I hope this explains better how I have and am now truly manifesting my visions throughout divinity. I am so complete right now, those are the only words I can add to the live light and truth I am :P"
Seth Dennon
"did you animate the animation ? its like opening the bathroom mirror and going in and in and in : ) love it seth !"
Sandra Collins
"They are photos taken of my laptop screen of a new fractal animation proof I had just created, can o say just wait to you see the animation, it is after 6 years of study my vision of unity perfection expressed within one. I am so complete :)"
Seth Dennon
"how did you get these? amazing : ) "
Sandra Collins
": ) cool little guy"
Sandra Collins
"Intergalactic butterfly "
Dan Embry
"Purring from within my bedroom TV, those darn dimensions all curled up just begging to ne unfolded :P"
Seth Dennon
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