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"I like this. I did this a LONG TIME ago. Brought back a nice memory. TKS"
G Harbour
"check the following pic, its a map of the area. make sure you scramble down into the canyon and hike up to the alcove, and down canyon a mile or so. lots of surprises in here."
Brandon Jett
"I dug out my USGS Topo map and can see where Twentyeight Hole Wash becomes Sieber Canyon, that must be the shallow wash Bs Road crosses? Is in the continuation of the wash into the canyon where you scramble down? Or elsewhere? how far is the waterpocket from the wash?<br /><br />Thanks for sharing this info!<br /><br />I will be hiking there tomorrow or Friday<br /><br />Bill"
Bill Hein
"yep BS Road. I recall parking where it crosses the shallow wash, and hiking the southern rim of Sieber until you find a break that you can scramble down into the canyon. great petroglyphs down there along the south facing rims on the north side. this waterpocket is in a tributary past that break in the canyon wall along the south rim. should be all public land at that point. Its been 6 or 7 years."
Brandon Jett
"The dirt road = Bs Road ? I&#39;ve hiked around both old and new Bs Roads and the new Bs Road has some great views into Sieber Canyon. I&#39;ll try to find your photo spot, I think you mean near the east end of Sieber? I tried to ride my mountain bike into Sieber last Saturday just to get a feel for the canyon from the road however I ran into a private property sign on A 2/10 road leading into the canyon a couple of miles north/west of the turnoff from Ds Road.<br /><br />Enjoying your pictures - they&#39;re great! Bill"
Bill Hein
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