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"wowsaa I do think this will also get bookmarked... so many beer s to brew... so little space do it in. How is batch this going be used?"
Antonio Borunda
"This looks really great!"
Daniel Adams
"+Kyle Campbell bookmarked for my next Belgian inspired brew."
Mark Mruss
Kyle Campbell
"Well there you go, +Granite Rawson solved the mystery. That article you linked to actually reminded me that the first time i tried this I burnt my sugar and ended up with this black rock that tasted horrible."
Mark Mruss
Dustin Donohue
"Plasma torch"
Dustin Donohue
"Just out of curiosity, what did you use to cut your keggle?"
Matt McRoberts
"That is a starter I made from Wyeast Bavarian Lager (2206)"
Dustin Donohue
"48 degrees this morning. perfect. No real activity yet, but I figure this yeast will be pretty slow acting. 25 degrees predicted tonight so I'll be bringing them in the garage."
Dustin Donohue
"I've got some mead in two of those jugs... and some carmel apple cider in another as well.. ganna do something pom with another once I figure out what will go well with the pom"
Glenn Phillips
"Wyeast Bavarian Lager (2206) starter"
Dustin Donohue
"cold soak carapils even looks like espresso. Filtered through a fine steel mesh from my wine aerator."
Dustin Donohue
"3oz Saaz @ 60 minutes"
Dustin Donohue
"Waiting for the boil."
Dustin Donohue