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"Nice BOKEH!!"
Justin Banada
"Harald - yeah, but that's the title chosen by the event organizer in our FB group."
G. Curt Fiedler
"Unrelated to the picture (nice one as I like birds in general): you realize this year has 366 days, right :-)"
Harald Kubota
"This Japanese White Eye (Mejiro) held still enough for me Saturday morning to get a few quick shots. I liked the head-on view the best. "Hey, who ya looking' at wise guy? You best be on yer way, or I'll put you on a slow boat to China"."
G. Curt Fiedler
"Awesome! Same exact time as me to be honest! I came in May of 2003! I'm originally from the US. But Japan really is my home now ^^."
Tei chan
"I've lived in the Tokyo area since 2003."
G. Curt Fiedler
Kambiz Banafshe
"Work for Nikon? Awesome... send me lens samples... :-P"
G. Curt Fiedler
"I use my iPhone for g+. Nice camera and lens. I work for Nikon. "
Kambiz Banafshe
"It does look something like that. But it's actually 'yoji' - toothpicks."
G. Curt Fiedler
"I use a Nikon D90 and here the lens is a 60mm Macro. You should be able to see that and other info here on Picasa."
G. Curt Fiedler
"Thank you!"
G. Curt Fiedler
"Great pictures! "
Gabor S.
"The 7-Day Project - Housewares on Parade - Day 5

Another houseware somewhat common in Japan. This is a bamboo whisk, and the small pot that catches its drippings. It is used to mix and froth green tea powder for formal green tea making."
G. Curt Fiedler
"365 Day Project - Day 17 

I went like 3 whole days without using my 60mm macro lens, but couldn't wait any longer. I bought kimono cloth squares from an art museum near Mt. Fuji. My mother-in-law claimed the blue one, and this purple one is for my wife. These are used to wrap bento boxes, and have traditional patterms, like these bonsai trees."
G. Curt Fiedler
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