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"Thank you +Neal Ghant. It was really quite good fun on the railway and I'm delighted you like the photos."
Christopher Stott
"This is the best."
Neal Ghant
"This is probably my favorite series from you, good stuff man."
Neal Ghant
"Haha! Thanks +Alistair Ross. We've been watching a programme here about a gent called Francis Frith who took photos around the UK in the mid to late 1800s. Somewhat inspired by his shots led to the mono version you see here."
Christopher Stott
"Defo the mono shot Chris, lovely English countryside shot. Nowhere else looks quite like that!"
Alistair Ross
"Thanks +Lisa Ng. The fucshia is just outside the study in a hanging basket. I was curious as to whether I'd get anything worthwhile with "fill in" flash and a wide lens."
Christopher Stott
"Pretty :) Nice lighting."
Lisa Ng
"Hi +vijay r. It's a Fuchsia."
Christopher Stott
"What kinda flower is tis??"
vijay r
Christopher Stott
"Thank you +Jaycee Crawford. I really wasn't very inspired this evening. There's an avocado orchard just off to the left that the local council allows folks to harvest for free and I'd gone there to see what was available. This dilapidated structure caught my eye though, along with the interesting light. You'll notice I've used the 3:1 crop again. I reckon there's more potential with this place so will almost certainly be back again when time permits."
Christopher Stott