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"All of these pictures were AMAZING. Thank you so so much for sharing them. I feel much more comfortable considering buying this camera, since I KNOW that these photos aren't Photoshopped or edited in any way... I don't know that about other sample images. I appreciate it. You're a great photographer! Thanks so much again! :)"
Megan Stoltzfus
"Hello Charles,

That shot was done in continuous mode.

This link will show a full series from that day.

Place the camera in "SCN" on the rotatary dial. The camera should be in the low light setting. Press the shutter and hold the button down.

You can use this setting in low light, but I like the way it works in full sun a lot better.

Sorry it took so long to respond.

Have Fun"
Stephen Carmona
"That's very kind of you Mark. I appreciate your encouraging words."
Stephen Carmona
"Are you satisfied with this camera for indoor shoot with auto mode? I want to buy this cam please help?"
Sadaf Waqas
"well... i got your reply... thanks for posting.. after playing a little with my sx210 IS, i have found that the default auto mode of this camera doesnot take as crisp pictures as the "Indoor" mode does... though you have said that manual mode takes the best pictures... but as i am not that good in knowing all the different settings, Indoor mode does the job for me most of the time now.. but i am surprised why indoor is better than auto mode??"
Ashish Soni
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