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"That's the Shinkyo Bridge outside of Tosho-gu in Nikko. It's considered one of Japan's most beautiful structures (they have all of these cultural 'most beautiful' sites).

Tosho-gu is a massive shrine for Tokugawa Ieyasu which includes a bunch of famous buildings and building details. He won what they say is the most important battle ever in Japan and eventually became the ruler of Japan."
Matthew Bensley
"The poster is Alec Monopoly (he has a studio in Chelsea apparently) and lots of stuff all over the city: pictures of Jack and the Monopoly guy."
Matthew Bensley
"Best galleries in Cheldea."
Tim Bensley
"The art on Schotten-Totten is so much better. But then again, we don't get the action cards..."
Christian Monterroso
"Wow! Looks like an X-Ray camera."
Joran Jessurun
"Great game."
Brandon Massengill
"I'm hoping this is the last photo that I have to take with the horrible camera on my cellphone."
Matthew Bensley
"I could be up for that, I believe there's an online Agricola somewhere. Or maybe some BSW games with Hangouts?"
Matthew Bensley
"SEE!? SEE!? We need to have a board-game-athon.

Haha what if we used Hangouts to play a game of Agricola from afar. :p

How epic and nerdy would THAT be!"
Martin Baricevic
"I have a comparable number of games but i tend to condense my expansions into the primary games' boxes."
Matthew Hackbert
"Haha, Hackbert has a dedicated board game duffel too!! You guys are long lost brothers separated at birth! I'm telling you!"
Martin Baricevic
"Haha, nope ;) All my games are currently in boxes too (no more shelf) -- I'm down to a single duffel bag for the next week, until my moving truck arrives."
Matthew Bensley
"thanx for taking these pics....i forgot to....."
Julie Bensley
"octopus! (with a ton of wasabi)"
Matthew Bensley
"Is that squid or octopus? Looks yummy!"
Shari Stidam