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"yes! gummy bugs ^^"
Wesley Yeoh
"+Darryl Smith Haha Darryl! Though I'm not sure that these are quite as tasty as the other gummy things in your list :)"
Chris Mallory
"+Miss M How true :)"
Chris Mallory
"I used to see a lot of these in an indoor garden when I was growing up! they would dig themselves out at night and crawl all over the house. One of my least favorite bugs for sure, but I wouldn't mind finding one again to photograph it. PS- your post brought back memories, so thanks!"
Jonathan David
"Gotta be! Along with dozens of other doubtlessly cool creatures :)"
Chris Mallory
"It is amazing! I believe I have, but not so much under the redwoods. I'll have to take another look [hopefully after I have a new prescription for my contacts!]. Out of 500 some species of inverts residing in the redwoods, they have to be there, right?!"
Shaina Niehans
"+Shaina Niehans I know, amazing what macro photography reveals isn't it? :) I'm guessing you see a lot of these up in the woods of NorCal?"
Chris Mallory
"Wow, they are covered in little hairs! Neat!"
Shaina Niehans
"Thanks Althea for the feedback! Glad you learned something new today too :)"
Chris Mallory
"Actually kind of cute (from this distance)... I like this capture because of its colour and the negative space. Thanks for the background info, learnt something new again today! :)"
Althea Ferrer Iligan
"It's so cute, really. The more I see of insects up close, the more I find them cute."
Christina Lihani
""fantastic little creature" not how most people would describe aphids, but I'm sure this one is flattered by your kind words Shawn :P"
Chris Mallory
"Wow, gorgeous patterns in these - who would've thunk it...?!"
Shawn McClure
"Ah, this is awesome - superb image, Chris... What a fantastic little creature!"
Shawn McClure
"Hmmm, it'd essentially be the same as siphoning the sugar water out of the phloem of the plant so it would be easy to harvest... sure, it wouldn't have the novelty of having passed through an aphid's system, but essentially the same... not so exciting when put that way.

And lady beetles have always been lady beetles, its hard for me to say lady bug without feeling stupid lol. Even though I often use the word "bug" as a term of endearment for all insects I just can't get myself to do that with ladybugs lol"
Chris Mallory