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"+Tom Croft According to the latest news, there are now 170 million residents in ghost+town :)
I'll update next year (?) when we reach a nice round figure like... 500 million! :)"
Ricardo Nuno Silva
"+Rebecca Besbris Problem solved : ) +Rita Pinto created 4 header images for Facebook profile pages. Get them here:"
Ricardo Nuno Silva
Rita Pinto
"+Tom Croft, yes, that would put this one to good use :) LOL
By the way, +Rita Pinto also made a great customized for Facebook version of the "Do Not Disturb!" poster :)"
Ricardo Nuno Silva
"+Rita Pinto made a great customized version of this poster for her Facebook page. Get it here:

It looks like this:"
Ricardo Nuno Silva
"This is the one to put on Facebook profiles!"
Tom Croft
"You realise +Ricardo Nuno Silva you are going to have to update the population pretty regularly"
Tom Croft
"Yay, ghost+town"
La Vergne Lesterm...
"Just nod if you can hear me."
Chad Haney
"and we are all living happily....."
christina Fisher
"my favorite"
christina Fisher
"Nice one!!"
Marc Ponomareff
Rebecca Dafydd
"+Rebecca Besbris Great idea :) Tell me if you need any help preparing the image for Facebook and I'll be glad to help :)

Update: It looks great on your new "g+hostly" FB page! :)))"
Ricardo Nuno Silva
"I want to make this my Facebook header pic lol Terrific!"
Rebecca Dafydd
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