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"This is a great analogy for fixing healthcare"
Brian Ahier
"This is great."
Wm T Oravecz
Neil Mehta
"Man! Where have we heard that before!?"
Wm T Oravecz
Brian Ahier
"+Wm T Oravecz Apparently, G+ takes images from posts and adds them to an album. There is no way that I can find for me to determine which post the image came from, so attribution is going to be very difficult.
I think I will need to try to find some settings to change..."
Brian Ahier
"Interesting that it is the public expenditures that are in line with most other countries. It's the private ones that are out of control. This message is lost in our national debate."
Steven Daviss MD
"Brian, if we were to use this slide, how would you like us to reference/cite it?"
Wm T Oravecz
"Nice graphic, Brian."
Wm T Oravecz
"Great graphic - but wonder how much of that is outside U.S.? Wonder too how U.S. stacks up against other countries in this category."
Dan Munro
Brian Ahier
"+Randall This is from the blog post"
Brian Ahier
"Great info! What study is this from? Sounds like it could be quite useful!"
Nate Osit
"Very interesting."
Luis Saldana
"Thanks Brian!"
Matthew Browning