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"Great job, looks good too !"
G Laight
"it is that. Any RMH can look like this it just takes planning and finish work."
Ernie Wisner
"Just looks so elegant. Very nice."
jodie smith
"Thank you"
Danny Kundzinsh
"well its not exactly a rocket mass heater. there are some very specialized things about the house it is in that allows it to work. in short unless you have a three story house and a 50 foot vertical chimney that design wont work. we do have designs that will work for you in a standard house and you can configure the stove to look any way you want. go to our web site at .
the material on the outside of that stove is clay, straw and lime plaster. the look of the stove is under your control with the exceptions of the internal layout. the stove you are looking at has a few things that we dont do these days because you have to be able to get to certain parts to do yearly cleaning and maintenance.
hope this helps
Ernie "
Ernie Wisner
"This is a fantastic design, could you please share plans? I am very interested in building one and my wife wants it to look pretty, what is the white material that is covering it?

Thank you!"
Danny Kundzinsh
"This is my favorite one that I have seen you do. Its awesome!"
Bobby Hurst
"Thanks for the pics. They have helped a lot. I bought the instructions but I am a very visual person and the more pics the merrier."
Bobby Hurst
"bees wax melts at low temps so it tends to make the bench sticky. soap
with its converted fats melts at far higher temps. Erica and i have
had to find things to handle the heat so i Dont use linseed oil cause
it smells when it heats. i do use dung plasters and burnish them just
like a lime plaster. I do sometimes use real raw tung oil since it
tends to smell better and i put a little bit of lime in my dung
plasters. the lime will lighten up the plaster a little, but thats ok
in the long run the effect you want is the lime converting back to
Ernie Wisner
"Right.  I've been using the traditional recipe of linseed oil and beeswax; do you recommend this over the other?  Rubbing with a glass bottle - nice touch.  I've been using manure in the plaster; the glass bottle would keep my hands from smelling like a barnyard for days after... ;-)"
Gregory Watson
"LOL we have below zero here. toasty with our stove ;)"
Ernie Wisner
"now i want one for my dining room - today it is 5 degrees in the Big Bear Lake, CA mountains. brr "
David Schmidt
"Thank You David.
I will let the crew that worked on it know."
Ernie Wisner
"very beautiful, great craftsmanship!"
David Schmidt
"yep we melt olive oil soap in water and rub it into the surface of the
Cob. this soaks in and then we rub it down wit a glass bottle
(Burnishing). it makes a nice smooth surface that is water and stain
Ernie Wisner
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