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"thats a great pic! looks like fun!"
Joe Canning
"house looks good..did it put up much of a fight framing it? do you bevel that valley near the door?"
Josh Audet
"haha thats a great shot!"
Joe Canning
"I blurred the background in Lightroom 4"
Tim Uhler
Kyle davis
"I'm the king of the world..."
Kyle davis
"Did you photo shop this shot at all or is this straight up?"
Kyle davis
"Yep willing to answer any questions you might have. "
Joe Canning
"I think the hose would stretch too much and put me past the 6' fall ;-)"
Tim Nicki Uhler
"Just get a hose the same diameter as the rope slide and ditch the rope =-)"
Jim Bellamy
"Oh yeah, I've seen that done before, just wasn't thinking. And I saw in your other pictures. How come you haven't been posting YouTube videos? I just watched your 2 new ones, I hope you start posting again :)"
Jeremy Finn
"The trusses were too tall to fit on the trailer, so they get "piggy back" or cap trusses. So we sheathed the flat section for lateral bracing and saftey."
Tim Uhler
"Why is the ridge board low?"
Jeremy Finn
"Just sign up for Google+ after logging into your Picasa account, from there it is pretty easy and I think mostly automatic"
Tim Uhler
"I love looking through your pictures. How do you just put the pictures on the "stream" or whatever. I have a ton of stuff in picasa, I dont really get this google + thing. Id like for people to see some of my albums, I dont know if theyre public or private, share with some people? who knows. I ask because you seem to know what your doing. Im sure this isnt even where I should ask you a question but its all I could figure."
FishBro 1
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