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"Nope--just the paddle. No ice cream attachment, no ice cream freezer bowl. Just the liquid nitrogen to freeze it and a blow torch to help keep it from sticking to the sides of the bowl."
Brian Fitzpatrick
"+Valerie Lynn Yes it is!"
Brian Fitzpatrick
"I did this in high school long ago. "
Jesse Esquibel
"This cover (third option) captures the team concept. The first two covers fell a bit "too passive". The fourth option only shows two people, the team concept is not as powerful as with the third option. The shirt cover options capture something important from the programming culture (how much do we, programmers, love wearing tshirts? :) but also lacks the team concept, which the book will promote. For me, it is the third option all the way."
Gaspar Modelo Howard
"This one has the best layout. Very nice."
Janice Sussman
"This one is the best I think."
Jacob Smith
"This one is my favourite out of the set, but it's still not great. At least it doesn't focus too much on an individual like the previous version, but the team name on their jerseys is distracting. It's an arbitrary team name that has nothing to do with the title, maybe edit them out."
Dennis Ideler
"this one"
Olivier Zheng
"This is my own favorite, as well as my wife's. Less male stereotype, simpler to understand the 'teamwork', has an elegance to it. Also, I very much like the subtitle coming below the title -- the performers are almost framing it for us."
Ben Collins-Sussman
"Just delightful. Makes me want to take a picture like this of my next project team."
Peter Nepstad
"Even with Rachel's remark, this is still the one that emphasizes the least on the male stereotype of programming. I'd even write that remark in the introduction of the book. Just imagine how many people that will smile every time they see the books cover. This one is to me also the least static but at the same time the most elegant picture of all. It manages to find a balance in the chaos. I really hope it will be this one. :)"
Robbe Van der Gucht
"Interesting, +Rachel Rosenberg, and your view is valid, but I didn't see anything like that at all. Would it be better with the roles reversed? With two men? Two women?"
Robert Konigsberg
"That's the one to take. The others don't catch all that feel of this one. IMO it says something like "these students shared a secret" or something along these lines. Gorgeous!"
Ludwig Wilding
Thomas Zander
"i think this one is the best"
Jessica Grimm
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